CogniFit's Science blog: How To Explain Dementia?

How To Explain Dementia?

As people age they tend to lose their ability to remember things and recall facts. Otherwise easy to remember types of information becomes more and more difficult to access and certain tasks get more difficult to perform.

Sometimes this memory lapse is just the onset to a far more serious problem called dementia.

Dementia (and Alzheimer's) is a far more common occurrence in people over the age of 85, but it does affect plenty of people well below this age as well. This condition may start off as an onset of forgetfulness, but it can quickly escalate to far more serious conditions and impairments like not being able to recall conversations, passwords, due dates, and even the ability to hold a conversation and reason with people. People with full blown dementia have to rely on a full-time caregiver to watch after them.

What are some of the causes of dementia?

Besides just natural aging and deterioration of brain activity and function, dementia can also occur in people that have had strokes or brain tumors and even blunt trauma to the head.

This debilitating disease can be controlled or treated depending on a few factors. You can minimize the chances of getting this condition by feeding your brain knowledge and training it just like you would your muscles. Challenging your cognitive abilities with brain training regularly may limit your dementia signs as you age.

Several people also have certain vitamin deficiencies which supplements and a few drugs can help people with as well. If you keep these vitamins, like vitamin B12 in your system, it can minimize the effects associated with dementia.

What are the main dementia symptoms:

The loss of memory is usually the first symptoms that you will notice when someone experiences the first onsets of dementia. Most people won’t even realize that they are so forgetful and they will first hear it from friends and family members that notice it. The memory loss progressively gets worse with time.

Right along with this memory loss goes the ability to do simple tasks like organizing a schedule and/or figuring out deadlines, due dates, paying bills, etc. You may even notice difficulties in completing sentences or finding the right words.

Dementia is a serious impairment that affects many people as they age. If you think you might be suffering from dementia symptoms or no someone who does, you should contact your doctor and see your physician right away.