CogniFit's Science blog: Using Mind Training To Improve Your Thinking

Using Mind Training To Improve Your Thinking

Our minds need stimulation to stay healthy. The saying “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” has a lot of truth to it. The reality is whether or not we choose to use our minds to their full capacity is our choice.

Keeping your mind sharp is an important part of being healthy. One of the easiest ways to stimulate your mind is using mind training and mind games.

Mind games can consist of a variety of things. They can be simple traditional games that stimulate your mind such as puzzles or chess. They can be physical games that require strategy such as basketball, dance or golf. They can be specially designed brain fitness software that are meant to stimulate your mind in small bursts.

Keeping your mind sharp and healthy can have several positive effects on your life and your health. A clearer mind has improved memory. It also has the ability to think more clearly and as a result make better decisions. Good decision making is crucial to a life with as little stress as possible.

It only takes a few minutes a day to keep your mind sharp. Challenge yourself to learn something new or using a brain training program couple of times a week. Even if you only have a few minutes each day to give to it doing it consistently will make a huge difference in your mind’s effectiveness.

The brain is one of the most powerful organs in our body. It is in charge of our thoughts, our memories and is master control for almost all of our body function. However, most people when thinking about staying healthy think about exercising their body or eating healthy. While these things are great and essential keeping your mind healthy is just as important to your overall health.

As we get older there is a natural decline in our memory and if we have kept our mind sharp through mind games or other activities this decline will be much less substantial. You will notice that most older folks that still seem to have their faculties about them are active individuals who are going out and using their minds daily in different activities. That is not a coincidence there is a clear correlation between a healthy mind and your mental capability.

Spend at least a few minutes each day playing mind games or doing some other type of activity to stimulate your brain. You will start to notice the positive effects right away.