CogniFit's Science blog: Improve Your Memory With Memory Games

Improve Your Memory With Memory Games

Memory seems to be the one thing we notice the most declines in as we become adults. We start to become forgetful or can’t remember the way we used to.

This is pretty typical as our minds start to be stimulated less. You can improve your memory skills though by playing memory games.

Memory games can consist of different things. One of the most common memory games is the traditional childhood game of Memory. There are two of each of the cards and you lay them all down back side up and then try to make matches from memory. This game while very simple is a powerful mind builder which is why you will find it in classrooms all across the country.

Beyond the simple game of memory many other games require that you remember things. Do you remember Simon? It was a small handheld computer game that had 4 different colored buttons on it. You were to repeat the patterns the computer gave you in order to win the game. It would start with 2 then move to 3 and so on and go forward until you failed in repeating the patterns.

Most of these games have been around for a really long time. Enter the personal computer which has changed many things in our society it has also changed the sophistication of memory games. There are many scientifically designed memory games available for you through an effective brain training program such as CogniFit.

It just require a few minutes a day to be effective. Keeping your mind sharp while super important really does not require a lot of effort. It just requires that you put in a few minutes a day working on your body’s most valuable asset. You can train your brain daily in less time than it takes to watch a 30 minute sitcom. So there is really not a good reason to avoid starting to use memory games and improving your brains capabilities.

We think about our body’s health and how it needs exercise and healthy food but we often give little thought to what our mind needs. It’s really interesting if you think about it because your brain is so valuable to it and when you start to lose the ability to use it effectively it can have many negative effects on your life.

However, if you harness the power and help it to be more powerful you will find many positive effects. You will be able to think more clearly which make sit easier to make good decisions. You will have increased memory through memory games. You will also have better cognitive skills which will allow you to learn and comprehend new information more easily.