CogniFit's Science blog: Cognition And The Normal Adult

Cognition And The Normal Adult

There are many things that can affect cognition in the normal adult. Going through life you might be presented with many things that can affect your personal cognition and recognizing these issues can help you preserve your cognitive abilities.

Without the right cognitive abilities, you might not be able to fully take on life each day.

A brain injury is the number one way your cognition can be affected. Cognitive abilities are often interrupted if a brain injury has occurred. Knowing the extent of cognitive damage can help you to gain a full understanding of how you are going to repair this for the future. Brain injuries often have different levels of damage. A minor injury might not affect full cognition and there might be some rehabilitation that can improve the damage done to the brain if an injury has occurred.

Aging is another time when you can begin to see cognitive decline. The aging process can often slow cognition over the years. This is often a subtle change and it can occur very slowly. By the time most people recognize this, there is a lot of impairment that has already occurred. There are many resources that an older person can use to improve cognitive ability as they age. This can help you to stay sharp even into the elderly time in your life.

Sleep disorders can cause problems with cognition. Sleep problems can be widespread. Many people cannot sleep at night and when they do sleep, they often wake up groggy. This can affect cognition and you might feel as though you are in a haze. This can have an impact on the things you do each day that use cognitive abilities and this can be very dangerous for some people. Instead of viewing a sleep disorder as a normal part of life, you can participate in a sleep study to see if there is a good solution to your problem.

There are many other things that can affect cognition. If you are having a hard time concentrating or doing things that were once easy for you, this can be a sign of a cognitive problem. There might be a simple medical explanation for this problem and this can be something that might be easily solved. Living with a decreased cognition is not something anyone should resolve to. Making some changes that strengthen your cognition can be one of the best gifts you give to yourself and your life.