CogniFit's Science blog: 4 Psychological Functions Of The Brain

4 Psychological Functions Of The Brain

The brain is an amazing part of the human body. It has been analyzed and studied for many centuries by scientists and philosophers.

Because of the increased effort put into research more has been learned about the brain in the last decades than all of the previous years combined. What is interesting is how the brain works.

We describe here four interesting psychological functions the brain performs.

1. Thoughts. This is defined as the act of thinking. It is a conscious act.

It can be good or bad depending on how you use it. For example, if you use it to come up with ideas to accomplish things you can become more successful in your life.

Criminals use their thoughts to plan a crime. In their own way they can succeed in how they think this out.

We are what we think about. Overtime your thoughts are what you become.

2. Feelings. This is an emotional thought. It includes many emotions such as being sad, happy, mad, and so on.

There was a saying once that went something like this. You can't make me mad, only I can make me mad. You can't make me happy, only I can make me happy!

You get the idea. Your feelings can affect what goes on in your life. However, you have the ability to control your feelings as opposed to letting outside influences control them.

3. Sensations. The stages of the brain to sense something such as seeing, hearing, smelling, and pain.

This happens automatically without your ability to control this. When you hear something you can block that out, but initially you have to hear it first.

People who lose their sight lose the sensation of seeing. However, other sensations such as feeling, smelling, and hearing kick in for that person.

4. Intuition. The ability to understand without reasoning. It provides us with beliefs we may not totally understand in our brain functions.

Think about the many different way you use your brain during the course of one day. It starts from the minute you wake up.

You will decide what you're going to eat for breakfast. You may think about what you're going to be doing that day.

This might bring a positive or negative feelings to you. When drinking your first cup of coffee might burn your tongue, which would cause the sensation of pain.

In a short matter of time your brain will use most of its psychological functions automatically for you. The brain and its brain plasticity are truly an amazing thing!