CogniFit's Science blog: Selected Findings Of Brain Research

Selected Findings Of Brain Research

The brain is an amazing organ and the most complex part of our bodies. In the last 30 years, there is much we have learned about our brains but there is much left to study and discover. Many research are underway to see how we can better understand this precious tool.

We will discuss here some selected past research findings which have provided us with important information pertaining to how our brains function and operate.

An important area of brain research has focused on the manner in which brain cells and nerve cells transmit information within the brain and central nervous system itself and from all the different parts of our body.

Throughout the day, our brains use billions of brain cells which are called neurons which transmit signals to each other (you can think of electric signals). They do so at billions of junctures called synapses. This is a very fast and efficient process.

This process is central to how we think, remember, plan, reason, and move. If something occurs which causes any part of this signal transmission to break down, the results can be devastating. A number of brain disorders including autism, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy have been linked to problems with the synapse and this communication network.

Brain research has helped scientists to better understand what is going on at the synapse level and what could be done to restore the signaling if for any reason this would prove to not be working properly. One of the discoveries is that different molecules play a pivotal role in making sure that the neurotransmitters are properly released.

Some important results from this research are helping us to better understand the cellular processes which are involved in neural communication and a better understanding of the problems that can occur in the release of neurotransmitters which can lead to various brain disorders and diseases.

There are many problems which could be alleviated if we could somehow improve the functioning of the synapses. Recent research findings will hopefully provide some important new treatments for a large number of disorders.

One desired outcome may be an alleviation in mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Since this has been linked to problems with neurotransmitter release, these findings will hopefully help to develop ways to help to cure or at least minimize the impacts and effects that patients who suffer from this disease face.

Other results and findings can also hopefully find ways to slow down and ultimately provide a cure for the ravages from Alzheimer’s disease. This is a devastating illness which impacts not only the patient but his/her close family and friends as well. With the population aging rapidly, Alzheimer's is becoming a real issue for our modern society. Any relief from the ravages of this disease would be viewed as a significant step forward.

There is brain research in many other areas and new findings are being uncovered and reported all the time. As further research is pursued, scientists and researchers will continue to build upon their understanding of brain functions and overall nervous system processes and offer alternative treatments and solutions to common diseases.

It is important to remember that prevention will also play a key role in the coming years to try to overcome the rapid growth of diseases that are linked with a non healthy brain. It is never too late to start having a healthier diet, doing brain training exercise and sport to improve and maintain a good brain health!