CogniFit's Science blog: The Power Of The Brain

The Power Of The Brain

Your brain is probably the most powerful organ in your body. It is in charge of processing information, remembering things and is master control for every body function you have.

Even as important as your brain is most people don’t realize just like every other part of your body you have to keep it in shape.

Your brain is ever evolving it has the ability to shrink in capacity and gain capacity. What you put into it is what you get out of it. A brain that is active and constantly being used will continue to become better and more effective. Alternatively a brain that is not used often or active will become less effective.

Exercising your brain can be accomplished a myriad of ways. Activities that challenge your brain include using a brain fitness program that offer memory games and other tasks to train your cognitive skills. Physical activities that also require coordination such as dance can help your brain stay sharp.

Keeping your brain sharp only takes a few minutes a day. Unlike physical exercise that may require up to an hour a day giving your brain short spurts of learning activities can go a long way in your overall brain health.

Keeping your brain sharp can have very positive effects on your life. You will find when your brain is sharp it is easier to make decisions, your memory is better and you will find that your brain works quicker and more efficiently.

Another great way to keep your brain sharp is to always be learning. Learning something new is great exercise for your brain. This is part of the reason when we are young and in school our brains are always growing. Once our daily lives are replaced with work and more monotony the brain stops expanding in capacity. So learn something new such as a new hobby, a new language or anything else that interests you.

The most important thing is however you choose to exercise your brain is that you do it. Especially as you start to age keeping your mind sharp can ward off the natural deterioration of the brain that starts later in life. People whose minds are sharp and constantly being exercised will continue to have their faculties intact much longer than those who don’t.

So next time you go for a run or hit the gym remember that you need to spend a little time each day working out your brain as well.