CogniFit's Science blog: The Need To Be Careful With Brain Injury

The Need To Be Careful With Brain Injury

The brain is an incredibly complex and sensitive organ in our bodies. It allows many bodily functions to be controlled without conscious involvement. And it provides for many ways to think, reason and respond to our environment.

However brain injury can become a very serious problem that needs to be to be prevented as much as possible. So let’s discuss this further.

Normally the brain is well protected from injury. It is encased in a hard shell called the skull and cushioned from injury through a fluid which cradles and supports the brain. However as stated earlier, brain injury can create a whole bunch of problems.

The most common type of brain injury occurs when the skull is damaged by a blow to the head. In many cases there is no long term problem. However depending on the amount of blunt force, no problems may result.

However in many cases, a blunt force trauma can have significant impact. This type of problem occurs when the skull is struck. The force of the impact may damage the skull and or cause some type of breakage. If the fluid which surrounds the brain is allowed to flow unchecked, it can have serious results.

Or if the brain suffers a blunt force problem, it generally responds by swelling in size. This can create even more problems since it is not a good situation for the brain to swell in a constrained area. If this does occur it creates excess pressure on the brain and may result in even more damage to the brain.

The good news is that there are many recent techniques to minimize or alleviate the impacts from a blunt force. This can include draining of brain fluid if it is noted that the brain has begun to swell. This can avoid many of the problems associated with swelling of the brain following an injury.

Emergency techniques have been established to help medical personnel to determine if that brain has been affected by a blunt force. This is vitally important as it can avoid letting a minor problem turn into a major one by not properly addressing the situation.

And there are many types of products available which can help to further protect the brain from injury. One of the best ways to do so is through the use of a helmet. It has been shown that this can significantly reduce the incidence of brain damage. So prevention is usually best way to reduce this very serious problem and maintain a good brain health.