CogniFit's Science blog: Magnetic Brain Stimulation Could Make Lying More Difficult!

Magnetic Brain Stimulation Could Make Lying More Difficult!

New research from by Inga Karton and Talis Bachmann has shown that there could be a way to prevent people from lying by using electric stimulation on the brain. Could you imagine what could be done with it?

Lying and deception is probably as old as our modern world. When communicating, people have often been intentionally or unintentionally lying for many different reasons.

Many technologies have been developed in the past to try to detect or circumvent lies. Still, there is no technology today that is 100% reliable in detecting lies.

The new research suggests that by using powerful magnets and creating brain interference, we could effectively alter the simplicity of lying. The electric stimulation interferes temporarily with the brain area involved in lying resulting in people being more likely to say the truth.

This demonstrates again that as we are continuously discovering the different brain functions and its processes, we can expect neuroscience to be able to play a major role in many different situations in the future. What would happen when people cannot lye any longer?!