CogniFit's Science blog: Is Television Turning Your Brain Into Mush?

Is Television Turning Your Brain Into Mush?

As technology advances, we tend to find ourselves spending more and more time entertaining our brains instead of training them.
One can’t help but question how this will affect our mental health in a long term aspect.

Not only is spending countless hours in front of a brand new 3D television not physically challenging, but it can lack many mental challenges as well. Popular late night television finds many people giggling at their television as they become more and more engrossed in a fantasy plot that requires very little thought.

For many people, television takes them out of their normal day to day life and into a world much different from their own. Writers of television programming aim to pull their viewers in and hypnotize them into forgetting about what is currently happening in their lives.

Many of us have experienced such tunnel vision while viewing a program that we may find interesting. While this may be relaxing, our brains may be lacking stimulation essential to long term healthy brain function.

As we age, our bodies are the first thing that starts to deteriorate. We find ourselves having difficulty climbing stairs or running long distances. We can only question what our brain function will be like despite the inevitable function loss of our bodies. Witnessing many elderly people having trouble remembering where they are driving to or where they placed their car keys, the importance of healthy brain function becomes prominent.

Once we reach the state of having to make lists to remember what groceries to buy, lists to remember where we were going, or lists to remember our lists, there seems to be little we can to do reverse these symptoms.

Television, while relaxing, seems as if it may be the best way to put ourselves on the path to poor mental health once we reach a more delicate state of age.

While sometimes it seems easier to sit a child in front of an entertaining program than it is to play with them ourselves, it is difficult to imagine their intelligence level being developed while lacking necessary mental stimulation. Though some children geared television shows are somewhat educational, nothing is more beneficial than spending time with your child to ensure proper brain training.

A mushy brain is inevitable when we spend our lives drooling over high definition images on our brand new flat screen television. Brain fitness is as important as watching what we eat and exercising. Otherwise who knows what we will forget.

So train your brain! Do everything you can to stimulate and challenge your thoughts. Ensure that once you have grandchildren or even great-grandchildren, you’ll be able to remember the stories from your youth. Your career as a couch potato won’t make for great stories in more ways than one.