CogniFit's Science blog: A Good Brain Health Will Take You A Long Way

A Good Brain Health Will Take You A Long Way

We are probably well aware of the importance of good nutrition and exercise to help promote and maintain optimum health for our bodies. This includes all of our organs including our brain. It is vital to strive for optimum brain health in order for us to function at our best. So to help achieve the most in brain health, here are some tips and suggestions.

Diet: Most of us understand that our diet is vitally important to helping our bodies to function in the best possible manner. This certainly extends to the overall health and well being of our brain. It functions much more effectively when it receives the proper nutrients from a well balanced and high quality diet.

So stick with a well balanced and wholesome diet. Leafy green vegetables, lean meats and poultry, and whole grains are important food items. Avoid foods high in fats, sugars or preservatives. And make certain that your diet includes vital nutrients like vitamin B12 and vitamin E. Fish oil and fresh fish can also be very important foods and nutrients to focus on.

It has also been found that physical exercise is not only good for the body, but good for the brain as well. When you exercise, your hearts beats faster and you breathe heavier. This pumps more well-oxygenated blood to your brain. This extra boost of blood helps to stimulate the brain and provides it with the oxygen and other nutrients it needs to function at peak efficiency.

As always, brain training has bee proven also to help you maintain a good brain health by training the cognitive skills such as memory, that are important in your daily life. It is however important to use a scientifically validated program to make sure it is efficient and personalized for you.

Try to avoid any diseases which can have a deleterious effect on the brain. Visit your doctor regularly and get checked on if you experience any symptoms like dizziness or headaches. Catching a minor problem before it becomes a major is vital.

Protect your brain from disease or injury. Either of these issues can cause the brain to swell. Or disease can cause swelling inside of the brain from growths like tumors or cysts. It is important to visit your doctor regularly to scan for these issues so they can be addressed early on.

And be sure to take advantage of safety devices in cars and other moving vehicles to help avoid the potential for injury. Avoiding brain injuries from accidents certainly goes a long way to improving brain health.

It is also important to have regular physical checkups to identify potential problems with artery blockage or high blood pressure. If left unchecked, this could lead to stroke which is very damaging to the brain.

In any good brain health is a matter of taking care of it, supplying it with proper nutrients, exercise, and avoidance of injury.