CogniFit's Science blog: Your Brain May Shrink With Time!

Your Brain May Shrink With Time!

Are you aware that your brain can actually shrink with time? Your brain can lose its volume which can lead to cognitive problems and the loss of cognitive abilities.
A recent study on the brain differences between humans and chimpanzees linked to aging, led by George Washington University's researcher Chet Sherwood and his colleagues, found that humans are the only one experiencing shrinkage of their brains.

While they are a lot of similarities between our brain and the one of the chimpanzees, the study reveals important distinction and show how unique we are compared to other species. The full research is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences.

It appears that humans experience a more dramatic cognitive decline that animals with aging. The scientists used MRI to measure the volume of the whole brain. Humans showed a decreased of their brain over the lifespan while the chimpanzees didn't.

We need to take into account that the effect of aging on the brain was noticeable in humans only after the maximum age of life on the monkeys. The question remains to know what would happen to the brain of monkeys if they would live as long as we do.

It appears that the hippocampus, the brain region usually associated with memory and learning, is especially affected with the passage of time or aging.

This is interesting as the decline in memory and learning are usually associated with the appearance of Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The fact that we humans experience such a significant decline with time could also explain why humans tend to develop AD.

Maintaining a good brain health and brain training is essential as it helps to slow down our cognitive decline, train important skills and could have an effect on your overall brain volume.