CogniFit's Science blog: Stop Memory Loss

Stop Memory Loss

It happens to all of us…we forget stuff. We spend time everyday trying to figure out where we put our keys. We walk around the house in a circle because we can’t remember what we got up to get. We know we have to have our child’s permission slip signed and in the folder by Friday, but it slips our mind.

This type of memory loss is very common but there are ways to make it better. There are different levels of memory loss. It starts with the common things like the one listed above all the way to people who have forgotten everything because of a brain injury. If your memory loss is sudden because of injury the way to fix it depends on the circumstances. If your memory loss is gradual and just a part of aging there are many ways to slow the process and get your mind sharp again.

The brain is an amazing organ. It has the ability to increase and decrease in capacity over a lifetime. The general process is that in your younger years the brain capacity increases as you learn more about the world around you. As you start to age the brain naturally decreases in capacity and efficiency.

This process can be slowed or stopped though with the right type of brain stimulation and activity. Things that are good for your brain are things that keep it active and thinking. Brain activities can include things like physical exercise and brain training.

If you do these types of activities often you can greatly decrease your chance of memory loss. They will also allow your brain to become more alert and focused which will make you a better problem solver and give you the ability to think more clearly.

The natural aging process of memory loss does not have to be your future. If you start doing things today to keep your brain active and alert you might dramatically decrease your memory loss over the years. In your older years this could potentially stave off things like dementia or Alzheimer’s.