CogniFit's Science blog: Nutrition And The Brain

Nutrition And The Brain

For the most effective functioning, nutrition and the brain go hand in hand. It has been shown that nutrition plays a vital role in how the brain operates in the best possible manner. So let’s explore how nutrition benefits the brain and offer some helpful tips and suggestions.

Good nutrition is very important to help keep our bodies healthy. This applies to every organ including the brain.

Our organs are made up of cells which need good nutrition to operate effectively. The cells in the brain are unique and there are therefore certain kinds of nutrients which are particularly helpful for optimum health and function.

It is key to maintain a healthy diet. Eat plenty of healthy green vegetables and lean proteins. Avoid fats, sugars, and preservatives.
There are certain nutrients and other compounds which plays a key role in effective brain function. Deficiencies in these nutrients can lead to problems in cognition and other neurological problems.
It is important to maintain healthy levels of vitamin B12 and iron. Omega 3 oils are very important compounds which have been found to stimulate brain function.

They are found it fish as well as in certain seeds and nuts. Keep in mind that you body cannot synthesize these oils from other types of nutrients so make certain to eat foods which are rich in them.

These omega 3 fatty acids work directly on the brain, they nourish the cell membranes and improve the neural connections between the cells. This helps you to learn better and improves your emotional well being.

And while foods containing processed sugars should be avoided, the brain does require some sugar. These should be the more unrefined and complex sugars such as those found in fresh fruits.
Certain herbs have been shown to improve mental functioning. They have been used to improve memory, enhance mental abilities and improve concentration. They are contained in different types of foods and play an important role in effective nutrition to the brain.

There are some very helpful resources to learn more about specific kinds of nutrients which are beneficial to good brain function. Remember also that nutrition alone is not enough. An effective exercise program helps to maintain strong blood flow and keeps the blood well oxygenated.

This provides more effective means for both oxygen and important nutrients to get to the brain cells and improve overall function and well being.