CogniFit's Science blog: Mind Games Are Not Always What You Think

Mind Games Are Not Always What You Think

When most people hear the term mind games it has a negative connotation. They believe they are only another type or category of games without any other difference. In reality, playing with scientifically validated mind games can be very positive.

Mind games can be really helpful for keeping your mind sharp and improving your memory. The brain is the most complex organ in our body. It is in charge of everything we do from the most simple like driving to work to the most complex critical thinking and problem solving. The sharper our brain is the better it can do these things and using mind games or a mind quiz is a great way to keep your brain in top operating condition.

Most people don’t realize that you have the ability to increase the capacity of your brain and your cognitive memory. The brain is an always evolving organ. You are born with a brain that knows little aside from basic body function. As you grow and learn your brain begins to grow along with you. The more you do to keep it in shape the better it works for you.

Later in life the brain begins to deteriorate which is the reason older people start to lose their memory and may eventually suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. This aging process of the brain can be slowed down considerably by doing mind games to keep your brain sharp.

The more of these activities you do during your lifetime the less the deterioration is at the end of your life. Mind games do not take a lot of time just a few minutes everyday of exercising your brain can go a long way in keeping it sharp for years to come.

Mind games come in many different forms such as a mind quiz, playing smart games such as chess or even some physical activity such as dancing or basketball. The new way most people are accomplishing this is through specialized computer programs that are scientifically designed to give your brain the daily exercise it needs.

Each of these exercises are designed in a way to give you short bursts of brain activity that improve your cognitive memory, help you be more focused and improve your critical thinking and decision making skills. They only take a few minutes a day and it’s a convenient way to make sure you do the activities daily while not taking up a lot of your precious time.