CogniFit's Science blog: Improving Brain Activity Can Lessen The Chances Of Dementia

Improving Brain Activity Can Lessen The Chances Of Dementia

Words like dementia and Alzheimer’s are scary. They are words you never want to hear associated with a parent or older family member. Unfortunately the reality is that once we start getting older, the brain capacity starts to diminish naturally. The good news is there are ways to stave it off.

Keeping your brain sharp is one of the best way to stop or slow the natural deterioration of the brain. The brain is an ever evolving organ. From the time you are born through young adulthood it is constantly growing as you learn more about the world around you.

When you are an older adult a natural deterioration starts to happen that makes you less sharp and less likely to remember things. You have created your own habits and you usually don't push your brain to the point where your brain needs to exercise.

This is when a concern for dementia or Alzheimer’s starts to become real. The less your brain has capacity to remember and think through the more difficult simple tasks become. The best way to keep your brain in shape and functioning at a high capacity is to give it a good work out regularly.

Brain workouts can consist of several different types of activities such as physical exercises, mind games and nutrition.  These things all help to keep the brain sharp. For most people coming up with the time in a day to accomplish these things can be hard though.

A different method that does all the work for you is to use a brain training program. You start by assessing yourself and then there are several different types of brain training  activities that the computer will choose for you. These break down to simple exercises you can do each day for just a few minutes that are scientifically proven to improve your memory and increase your other critical cognitive skills.

When you start doing these types of activities and have a sharper brain, the natural deterioration might have less of an effect on you. The longer you can keep this deterioration at bay the less chance you might have of ending up with Alzheimer’s or any other kind of dementia.

Young people are almost always exercising their brain, they go to school they participate in sporting activities so at that point in life your brain is in good shape. However once we are older and the responsibilities of work, kids and other things come into play we don’t find as much time for us. So our lives can become monotonous and we don’t do things to stimulate our brain and keep it healthy.

Starting these activities long before the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s might be a great tool to avoid getting these diseases in the first place.