CogniFit's Science blog: Where Can You Find Geniuses?

Where Can You Find Geniuses?

Genius is someone who is both very intelligent and very creative. A lot of people are smart and clever too, but are not exactly geniuses because they have no need for creativity. Other people may be creative, but don´t have the intellectual capacity to benefit from their creativity.

Some of the best known examples are the geniuses of Mozart, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, which is often used as a classic example of "genius".

The exact definition of a "genius" is actually quite difficult to define because it is not clear, subjective measures can be used to classify, which is a genius and who is not. Generally, it is assumed that they have a unique way to approach situations and ideas, retooling them to potentially create something so monumental that it changes the way others think. Einstein, for example, found a mathematical formula that changed the face of physics.

Some people measure geniality on the basis of a person's standard intelligence quotient (IQ). This measure is far from being unquestionable, many people believe that IQ tests are limited and focus on certain areas of the brain, and the true test of a genius is what he or she produces in life. Geniuses are often talented in many areas, in which case they could also be considered PolyMaths. Leonardo da Vinci, for example, was a polymath, trained in the art and science. Einstein, on the other side was a genius that was specifically focused on physics.

Some people think that the spirits are paralyzed by their own intelligence. However, being a genius is not in itself someone who cannot function in the world. A lot of geniuses are capable of managing events from day to day life, often with great success. But because many geniuses think of ways that are very different from the general population, sometimes it can be a challenge to follow a conversation with them.

Why a person becomes a genius when others don't is still a mystery. There seems to exist a clear genetic link, even if the environment is also an important factor. Scientific studies of the brain is also suggested that the lights might be a little different brains. Talented people can be incredibly talented, because their minds are actually connected in a different way, to facilitate communication between brain areas normally isolated, or to change the way information is processed. The fact that many geniuses are child prodigies backs this hypothesis, because it suggests that the basis of a genius is recognized early in life.