CogniFit's Science blog: What We Need To Know About The Brain

What We Need To Know About The Brain

You no doubt know that your brain is one of the most important things you use everyday.

However, most people don’t know everything about the brain and how it works and why it works that way.

Explaining it all in detail would take a lot of time and many pieces of paper but here are some of the more interesting highlights.

The brain controls many of the tasks that are essential to our mere existence including body temperature regulation, blood pressure, heart rate and even your breathing. It is also your main control center for any kind of information your process including hearing, seeing, touching, smell and tasting.

Inside your brain there are approximately 100 billion nerve cells called neurons. Neurons are similar to any other cell in the body except for the fact that they gather and transmit electric signals. These neurons travel through connections in your brains that allow the information to flow through and be processed.

We can divide the brain in four main part. The brain stem which controls reflexes and automatic functions such as heart rate, gives you limb movements and digestion.

The second part is the Cerebellum uses information from another part of the brain to coordinate limb movements.

The third section of you brain is knows as the Hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This sections controls body temperature, eating, drinking, anger and pleasure.

That last portion of the brain is called the cerebrum or the cortex. The cortex handles the most complicated calculations of any part of your brain. It uses information from several different sources to process emotion, memory, thought processes and initiates motor function.

Not only does the brain do all the processing it is also tied into your central nervous system through your spinal cord. Your spinal cord acts as a relay between your brain and your extremities such as arms and legs. Your brain and its supporting organs are really amazing.

Your brain is so complex and can do so many things in less than a second’s time. You can also make your brain work quicker and faster. Your brain has the ability to continue to get better and better the more you use it.

The same as your brain has the ability to become less agile the less you use it. There is plenty more to learn about cognitive science, the brain, mind games and its workings but that is an overview of the basics.