CogniFit's Science blog: The One Advice That Beats All Self Improvement Books

The One Advice That Beats All Self Improvement Books

One very basic understanding of what it takes to be successful and happy, is that it all starts and ends in the brain. There is no way to evade the most important part of our body, the one that distinguishes us from other animals. It is therefore also basic understanding, and conclusion, that the better our brain is, the healthier it is, the more successful and happy our life will be. Would it be possible to imagine the opposite?

However there is some irrationality in the way human beings perceive their own brain health. Generally, we don’t perceive it at all, and we don’t realize how important it is to take care of our brain. It is not only to prevent later risks of dementia or Alzheimer, but also to make sure our brain is working at its best. The ability to make use of our brain at its peak performance is generally perceived as a basic function, similarly to breeding, and therefore no effort is needed to improve it. We are what we are, our brain is what it is. Period.

There are numerous and an increasing number of articles and books focused on personal success, both as a self-improvement tool and as management strategies and tips. It’s a thriving business, people do show an interest to improve themselves all the time and they are available to invest their time and money in doing so. It isn’t just a coincidence that these books appear so often in the sales charts. Yet a few of the flaws of most of those share ideas, is that they focus either on the problems neglecting the solutions, or they will focus on the solutions taking into account what you currently are with no expansion potential.

There’s however a much better way to approach self-improvement, and success. By going to the root of what really influences it, you’ll be able to better control it, and go beyond your current abilities or baseline for success.

As seen initially, it is our brain the biggest influencer of success. Coming from the irrational behavior of taking the brain as it is, and spicing it with some rationality, the world will increasingly understand that if everyone starts paying a closer attention to their brain health and cognitive abilities, good things will happen.

For a start, the propensity for success will increase – the human being will be able to use more efficiently its own cognitive abilities and improve them gradually. Then thinking of life cycles, the human being will be able to seize the blessing the modern medicine has made possible, of living a longer life, but keeping their mental abilities sharp and with vitality. And that is the difference between living, and surviving.