CogniFit's Science blog: In Search Of A Better Excellence

In Search Of A Better Excellence

“In search of excellence” is one of the most successful management books ever. In itself this book is not much different from many more that have proliferated in this media industry called the "business best cases" books. It simply followed the rule of identifying behaviors or techniques that have overall worked in the successful companies, and take them one step further to make them “adaptable” to other companies as well. That’s how best practices are created and shared.

“In search of excellence” was an excellent piece of work. Although published over 20 years ago, many of the ideas are still very valid although our economy has so dramatically changed since then. However it should be noted one very important flaw of in this book (and in most of the other actually). It is one option to analyze what has been done identify what has worked, and from there create a theory of what may overall work for other companies as well.

A much more difficult exercise, and in itself another path to go when writing a recommendation, is to analyze what hasn’t been done before, what hasn’t worked yet, and theorize it in a way that seems so credible as what “has been done”. Let’s face it, there are thousands of business books available, if all of them would be correct based on the many successful identified examples, a business leader wouldn’t know where to turn to. That is because it is possible to achieve success in many different ways, and not all of them will apply to a specific case.

Now imagine something totally different. One rule, one recommendation, one best practice, one of those that “hasn’t been done before”, and “hasn’t worked yet”, but it is an universal best practice, it can work for any company, it can improve not only the business but also the work-life balance and work conditions overall. Would this idea be interesting for a company?

We have been writing about this idea for a while. Besides all the business strategies and techniques that each company needs to have and to apply, let’s never forget that all of it starts in the people, and in their brains. A proactivity of business leaders towards improving their people’s brain health through brain training is a sure enabler of higher productivity on the job and an enhanced quality of the strategy execution. It is in other words an increase in the joint cognitive abilities of their company and therefore an increased value of their best assets.

It isn’t hard to go in this direction, and it works for any company. But there are some factors working against this new revolution in the corporate world: 1) The awareness of brain training is still low; 2) In most cases, an effective brain training program is still expensive. While the latter isn't necessarily true, it comes as a consequence of the lack of awareness of the real scientific brain programs available, such as CogniFit. But make no mistake, here as in any other areas, there is a first mover’s advantage. Are you a first mover?