CogniFit's Science blog: Have You Started Your CogniFit Assessment?

Have You Started Your CogniFit Assessment?

Starting your CogniFit assessment is relatively interesting and easy. You will start by doing simple tasks that will measure more than 150 variables and will provide you a cognitive score for a last arrays of cognitive skills, such as your memory or your attention and focus.
As soon as you will have completed your assessment, the Individualized Training System will create an optimal training program for you.

It will make sure you train at the right level of challenge for each of your cognitive skills. The program will even select the more appropriate tasks for your training.

Like with a fitness trainer, the system will constantly track your progress and adapt the training regimen to your needs.

If you desire, you will also be able to compare yourself to a large set of information to discover and learn more about yourself and decide which cognitive abilities or activity you would like to improve!

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The CogniFit assessment has been validated scientifically and independently so you can be sure that the score and measures you get are reliable and accurate and not simple "games" measures.