CogniFit's Science blog: Evolution Of The Brain

Evolution Of The Brain

Why do you sometimes remember things forever, even though you experienced it just once? Why is it you can’t remember something you needed to remember?

There are some things about the brain that we will never understand. Some parts of our brain just seem to work better than others.

That is how the brain works. The brain is an active organ that moves a lot of information around, depending on your use of that information.

At the very top of our spine we have a brain stem. At one time, during evolution the of the human, this was all the brain we had. This was called the reptilian brain. Most of our automatic responses (fight or run away) comes from the reptilian brain. On the back of the brain stems, is the cerebellum. This is responsible for the subconscious actions of our body.

On top of the brain stem, inside the cerebral cortex, we find the next step in our quest to learn about the brain. The limbic lobes are found in all mammals. This controls all of our emotional responses.
The cerebral cortex which surrounds the brain came next. The cerebral cortex gives us our logical thinking, vision, senses, and muscle control.

The frontal view of the brain looks like a large walnut, which is the cerebral cortex. There is a deep crease in the middle of the cerebral cortex, dividing it in half. This is what we call the right and left brain hemispheres. The right hemisphere controls the left part of the body and the left hemisphere controls the right. These are some interesting facts about the brain.

We communicate between the two halves in the many things we do. The left hemisphere of the brain sees the world in fragmented pieces, while the right hemisphere sees the whole picture.

As scientists have proven, each part of the brain has a different purpose. It is responsible for serving the conscious and unconscious body of its owner. This allows a vast range of intelligent and physical achievements.

Unless you are aware how to tap into all of the brains potential, we may never know what we can achieve. Someday, scientists will help us use the full potential of our brain.

Except for an occasional headache, our brain serves us well. There are some things about the brain that we know we have to do. It is very important, as we get older, to find ways to maintain a healthy brain so we can keep on the road to mental fitness, perception, attention and quality of thought.