CogniFit's Science blog: Concentrate To Memorize

Concentrate To Memorize

For a long time in the history, the human being had to rely entirely on its intrinsic cognition to do virtually anything. In those moments, the memory was much more important than the value we give it nowadays – something forgotten would be something that ceased to exist. In other words, memory was the only proof of existence.

Well that’s not the case anymore for sure, there are millions of ways to save information and memories, and I am not even thinking about information technologies but also on simple notes written in pieces of paper, images, sound, video. The knowledge and technologies available today make our memories less important than 5,000 years ago. But is it correct to just neglect the value of memory because technology allows us to? Probably our memory is even more important today than in the past, although in different ways.

In most situations of our lives, we still need to rely on our memory. Most importantly, the most precious things in our lives are kept in our memory, not in a computer. Those things that really matter, they’re still memory dependent. We are a product of our memories, and that is an invaluable asset for each human being.

There are many ways through which one can improve the memory, on a daily basis. There are scientific and proven ways to improve it, essentially via brain training activities. However less technological methods exist too and you can rely on them as a memory enabling mindset.

One of the techniques is to do concentration exercises. For example, concentrating on an object, for 8 seconds only, allows to imprint it to our long-term memory. Interesting! This explains why it is easier to remember some parts of our distant past, than what had happened that same day or what have you had for lunch earlier. We may actually waste a long time trying to locate those recent memories, for the simple fact that we didn’t concentrate on them when we were doing that activity.

So if concentration improves memory, how can we improve the concentration itself? One way to work and improve the concentration power is to change the environment where you are (for example if you need to concentrate for work or study, try doing it somewhere from the usual place). Another technique is meditate frequently and get good sleep.

It is amazing how the most simple activities in life have a real power to improve our brain activity hence our cognitive skills over time. The first step towards a good cognitive vitality is to set the right mood in life and establish a personal objective to challenge the brain and improve it every day. This is the key to ensure not only a sharp and well functioning brain which is an advantage in the present time, but also to minimize cognitive risks in the future.