CogniFit's Science blog: Brainomics - The Brain As A Strategic Asset

Brainomics - The Brain As A Strategic Asset

The technological developments in the world bring very interesting challenges.  It happens sometimes that new sciences are developed and yet they don’t have a name. This demands a creativity process of course, for the new name will be intensively used if this new science field develops and thrives.

This introduction is related to neuro-approach in social science, namely in the corporate world and economics. This new field is called Brainomics. New word and new knowledge, but what is Brainomics after all?

As a definition, Brainomics is the economic cost of cognitive loss or gain and characterizes the scientifically demonstrated strategic investment in the brain for personal, professional, and global advantage. Increasing brain power by even small degrees in individuals would produce immense tangible returns if applied at worldwide level.

Wow! We have been talking and writing about this for a while, it is a sense of freedom to find out we’re not alone and several institutions, namely the University of Texas, are doing intense research on this area.

The effect of brain power and brain training, on an individual but especially on a group (society) level is passionating and reflects one next step in the development of the human kind. It is one of the step changes that occur several times in history, and we are lucky to be living in this period when this revolution is occurring, to be able to experience it, comparing the before and after period.

This is an extremely interesting topic, and it will be developed in articles to come. The Brainomics as the biggest and most important opportunity for economic and social development will certainly be a returning topic I can forecast with exponential growth.