CogniFit's Science blog: Brain Fitness Is The New Habit Of The Decade

Brain Fitness Is The New Habit Of The Decade

The formation of new habits is a topic that we have written about quite a bit lately in this space. This has been done for several reasons and with several real life examples, in brief to bring a complex topic to common language. But the real reason for the interest in this topic hasn’t yet been explored.

CogniFit is a company which creates and provides brain training software, scientifically validated, operating in a non-mainstream market. In other words, we are operating in a service that hasn’t yet gone through the needed habit change or adaptation amongst most of the world population.

But there are many reasons to believe that this revolution will happen, sooner rather than later. The first of all, we have a team passionate for what we do and how we can contribute to the quality of life in the world. In reality, we believe brain fitness development is a revolution in people’s lives that’s about to happen, taking advantage from the numerous developments the neuroscience has brought in the recent decades. We don’t want to be part of this revolution, we aim at building it.

Secondly, the need for brain fitness exists in the world. Surely there are different adoption rates by different groups in the society, the interest will grow gradually in the groups further away from the new habit, and quicker with the ones who are have already realized and are feeling the need to improve their cognitive abilities, improve their memory, concentration and focus, external perception, planning and coordination.

Earlier I have written about the principles to be successful in creating and adopting a new habit. Mainly it can be summarized as: reduce the first adoption barriers, keep the familiarity with old habits, engage the individuals into using it, encourage usage frequency by all means, and provide social reinforcement. But there is one main reason that goes beyond all the principles: the profound belief that we are doing the right thing.

Understanding these barriers, is a first step towards understanding the people we work for every day, to improve their lives. Understanding these barriers, is an essential step to build a better service, and encourage the usage of our brain fitness solution by more people and more frequently. Understanding these barriers, but mostly, understanding how to overcome them, is the ultimate test we have as a team to create a new habit in the world, to the benefit of our users.

As our societies age and this aging poses different challenges to the whole group, we hope someday the access to brain fitness will become a constitutional right everyone should have. But remember, brain fitness is not age related, it is for everyone wanting to have a brain functioning at its best.