CogniFit's Science blog: What Kind Of Brain Training Is Most Effective?

What Kind Of Brain Training Is Most Effective?

While any training is better than no training at all, research has proven that the key to an effective brain fitness program is its ability to maintain a sufficient level of challenge over a range of different activities.

For instance, when you do crossword puzzles or sudoku, after a while you become very good at it, and as you learn the meanings of more words, the puzzles become easier for you to solve. But crossword puzzles can’t constantly adjust to make themselves more challenging as you become more adept, so the benefits of doing them will gradually decline.

When a mental activity becomes easy or routine, your brain is no longer getting the complete workout that’s needed to create new neural pathways.

So the most effective brain fitness program for you is one that constantly monitors your performance and adapts its difficulty in order to keep your brain challenged all the time.