CogniFit's Science blog: Preserve Your Brain Like An Exclusive Wine

Preserve Your Brain Like An Exclusive Wine

We live in a world eager for easy and fast solutions. If we look around, most of what appears promises speed and easy results. The top-10 this, the summary of that, the pill that solves all your problems in just one go, the all-in-one product, the cream that instantly takes 10 years out of your skin. The quick & easy trend isn’t new, it certainly won’t disappear, but it isn’t decreasing its pace either. And that’s really unfortunate, for the good and sustainable things in life take time to develop and nourish.

Take your brain for instance. A brain and the memory should instead be seen as a good old wine. A good wine improves with age, it gets a particular taste and softness, it is unique and special.

An old wine is an expensive deal, because it’s exclusive. But this luxury will only exist if it has been well preserved, with the right storing conditions, kept in the right place, the right bottle, the right cork. When the final drinking day comes, after years or decades of enriching, that liquid transports all its knowledge and experience to the happy drinker. Remember, an old wine isn’t necessarily good just because it’s old – it’s power lies on the care and effort taken to make it so special.

Just as it happens with a good wine, our brain also needs to be nourished, challenged. Our brain cannot be improved with quick & easy solutions. Reading a book summary will never be the same as reading a whole book. Learning the Top 10 solution list will never be the same as learning how to create the solutions. Using an All-In-One product will never get the same result as using the product created for the objective we want. And that cream… sorry, it won’t make those 10 years disappear all of a sudden.

All sustainable solutions, improvements, take an effort, a challenge, it takes time to build strong pillars. But finally, it’s rewarding to feel that life gets indeed better each day. Your brain will thank you.