CogniFit's Science blog: Our Brains Are Shrinking!

Our Brains Are Shrinking!

Cambridge University scientists say that not only the brain but the size of modern humans has decreased over time. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, our ancestors appeared to have been taller that we are today! The experts explain that we are past our peak and that modern-day people's brain are about 10 percent smaller than their hunter-gatherer forebear.

The findings has emerged from systematic studies of fossils gathered across Europe, Africa and Asia. They discovered that humans remained tall and robust until 10,000 years ago when many populations started showing a decline in stature and brain size. Decline in stature appeared in 19 of 21 societies that switched from hunter-gatherer to farming and this change of activity might explain the change in physiology of humans. They conclude that humans with the biggest brains lived 20,000 to 30,000 years ago.

Still the scientists say that even if we may have smaller brains that early humans but that does not mean we are less inteligent. They also forgot to mention one striking difference with these early humans: they had no access to CogniFit to help them have a sharper mind!