CogniFit's Science blog: How Does CogniFit improve your Brain?

How Does CogniFit improve your Brain?

CogniFit is a pioneer in the field of brain fitness and brain training. The company has validated its product with leading universities and institutions and has several peer-reviewed studies. CogniFit scientistific and development team apply the most rigorous and up-to-date research to develop and improve its programs, so that you receive the best cognitive training available.

Our brain fitness programs offer you several major advantages.

CogniFit programs give you an assessment of your key cognitive abilities . The fact that the assessment is independent of the training ensures that you will receive accurate information about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your progress.

Our training addresses a wide range of cognitive abilities that have been proven to be crucial for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. With CogniFit, you receive the most comprehensive training possible, because the benefits are spread over a wide range of cognitive domains.

Our unique methodologies provide you a mix of tasks that are tailored to your current cognitive status. The program continually adapts the level of difficulty to your needs, making sure that the level of challenge will be optimal for an effective brain workout. The CogniFit system comments on your progress and offers tips and suggestions for better training results.