CogniFit's Science blog: Does Brain Training Help If You Are An Active Person?

Does Brain Training Help If You Are An Active Person?

If you are an active person with full-time work, a family life and a busy social network, who also exercises and does crossword puzzles or Sudoku, do you still need brain training? Does it have any benefits for you ?

Absolutely! Scientists recommend regular mental and physical activity as a way to maintain optimum brain vitality throughout your life.

Any activity can become routine over time, which will eventually decrease its effectiveness.

A good brain fitness program will provide you the kind of mental stimulation that can harness the power of “brain plasticity.” A good analogy can be made to physical fitness. Throughout the day you walk around, lift things, climb stairs and engage in many other physical activities. But these activities can’t replace the focused target training you get from working out in a gym. You constantly need to push yourself to your own limit to improve. That is what is so special with CogniFit! By assessing you prior to your training, our system knows how to create the optimal regimen that is specifically for you.

So stay active and become even sharper by exercising your brain!