CogniFit's Science blog: Do Your Brain A Favor… Take A Nap!!

Do Your Brain A Favor… Take A Nap!!

Some people think that napping is a waste of time and is an indication of a sleepy mind, but clinical research has shown that not only is napping good for you but that lack of sleep is harmful.

Regular napping is especially beneficial for memory. In addition, research has shown that napping:

• Restores alertness, memory and mood in young people as well as older people.
• Improves memory consolidation better than caffeine.
• Can heighten energy levels and improve performance if done before activities such as studying.

And in case you think if you nap you won't sleep at night, research has shown that shorter naps (that last about 20 minutes) don't interfere with night time sleep.

40 percent Americans sleep less than seven hours a night which is not enough. Sleep deprivation consequences can include a higher risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress and depression. When people don't nap, there is a decrease in their performance. The benefits of napping do not depend on how long you nap but rather on the quality of the nap. In fact naps have the same beneficial effects on learning as a full night' sleep. A nap and a full night's sleep actually double the amount of learning. The ability to remember improves with a nap.

Albert Einstein and Lance Armstrong were (and are) famous and not only because they nap(ped) regularly. So stop feeling guilty about taking a nap and join some good company who know (knew) how to take care of themselves.